Zanbato Private Stock Trading Platform

Leading inter-broker platform for trading private shares, with comprehensive market access, data products, and trade execution capabilities

Digital Trading Floor

Liquidity & Private Market Trading

ZX's private market trading infrastructure is engineered to enable banks, brokers, and their wealth management groups to efficiently and professionally scale their private trading operations.

Improved Price Discovery

ZX’s consolidated order book yields visibility into current supply and demand, enabling improved price discovery.

Price Discovery for Company

Higher Trade Execution Rates

Execution rate of 19% on all orders to date, with ZX Firm Orders executing at 30-35%.

Chart of Execution Rates

Tailored Order Types

Five order types, including ZX Firm Orders, an order type pioneered by Zanbato to increase execution rates.

Platform Showing Custom Order Types

Private Market Data & Intelligence

Benefiting from our unique insights into order flows and market sentiment, ZX provides the data critical for participants to trade effectively in private markets.

Visibility into Private Markets

In-depth market data includes order flow data, mark-to-market holding levels, and historical primary financing information to provide ZX membership and their end clients with better visibility.

Charts showing price trends and companymetrics

Track Private Market Sentiment

Up-to-date information on the most actively traded companies and changes in price/volume on orders, enabling ZX membership to keep their clients informed on market sentiment.

Chart showing market sentiment for specific companies

Execution & Trade Settlement

Execution and settlement protocols designed such that trades are executed and documented according to issuer transfer procedures and instructions, and with regard to regulatory requirements.

Issuer-Approved Trades

Database of issuer-approved policies and forms of transfer documentation ensures trades are executed according to issuer process.

Issuer Approved Trades

Automated Workflows

Trade execution workflows managed through Transfer Notice, ROFR, and Closing in cooperation with issuers and their corporate counsel.

Platform showing automated workflows

SPV Solutions

SPV setup and administration capabilities deliver solutions to handle complex client objectives.

SPV Transactions