ZX Membership

ZX supports the world's largest membership of banks, brokers, and their wealth management groups trading private stock for their clients

Built-in partnership with banks

All tickets on ZX must be submitted by members

Zanbato does not compete with members for clients or assets

Zanbato does not hold client funds or securities

ZX provides value across a variety of trading, wealth advisory, and banking functions

Institutional Trading

Private Market Access

Providing access to privates for institutional investors.


Allow institutional clients to pay commissions on agency trades.


Access to liquidity and market data on ZX can enable financing stock or portfolio of stocks in private companies.

Additional Products

Access to secondary market data can allow banks to offer structured products and help manage risk.

Wealth Management


Liquidity for existing wealth management clients.

Private Market Access

Access for Family Offices, UHNW, and/or HNW clients into privates.


Prospecting channel as secondary sales by wealthy individuals often create liquidity driving AUM at ZX membership banks.

Price Discovery

Better price discovery through access to ZX membership.

Investment Banking


Access to secondary market data can support membership when advising corporates.

IPO Mandates

Market share in secondary trading can help win IPO mandates by ZX membership.